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Cultural Experience

October 25 to 29

Comprises the presentation of the virtual tour of the 40th Michell Art, and the artworks catalogue.

Alpacas Exhibitions

October 25 to 29

Micro documentaries in which it will be exhibited the Good Livestock Practices of alpaca breeders from the regions of Puno, Pasco, Cusco and Arequipa.

Virtual Parades and Alpaca Award

November 2 to 5

It will be presented 4 fashion shows blocks: Alpaca Award (ESMOD Paris and ESNE Madrid schools), Emergent Brands, Consecrated Brands and Stellar Parades

Peru Moda Forum

November 2 to 5

It will include exhibitions from garment, gifts articles and decoration industries experts.

Virtual Business Roundtables

November 2 to 5 and 8 to 12

Organized by PROMPERU, it will count with about 350 international buyers and peruvian exporting companies.

Summit Alpaca

November 8 to 12

It will include exhibitions from national and international experts of various Alpaca value chain fields, and it will be carried out conversations with the participation of featured panelists. It should be noted that all topics revolve around Sustainability.