Let’s celebrate Alpaca heritage, embrace sustainability

Alpaca Fiesta 2024

We invite you to take part in the eighth edition of Alpaca Fiesta in an in-person format on the occasion of the International Year of Camelids 2024.

October 21-26

6 days of activities involving the entire Alpaca value chain.

Arequipa - Peru

Main activities at the Cerro Juli Fairgrounds in the city of Arequipa.

International Year of Camelids

Alpaca Fiesta 2024 will take place in the framework of the UN-declared International Year of Camelids, which involves alpaca, llama, vicuña, guanaco, bactrian camels and dromedaries. Camelids contribute to food security, nutrition and economic growth, as well as having great social and cultural relevance for many communities around the world. Find out more


Alpaca Fiesta 2024

Program of activities

Alpaca Fiesta 2024

Visitors Fees
Alpaca Fiesta 2024

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Complete package

Presale until 05/30

US$ 900.00

USS 1,000.00

Complete package
without Chaccu

Presale until 05/30

US$ 800.00

USS 900.00

Alternative ways to Join Alpaca Fiesta

Recurso 4

Clothing and home décor companies at the International Business Roundtable, after evaluation.

Recurso 5

Outstanding Peruvian breeder in Alpaca and Llama Competitions.

Recurso 2

Commercial or institutional exhibitor.

Recurso 3

Visiting national breeder.